MAME (cont.)

Younger folks don’t necessarily stop and think about the power of computers, the internet, social networking like Twitter or Facebook and everything that is possible to do on these small rectangles of metal and plastic. They have had access to them all their lives. But me? As an older person it just blows my mind!

Anyway, back to MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). This is one of the strongest examples of great emulator systems. Imagine having at your disposal any & every video game that was ever on an arcade machine. Now think about how convenient it would be to hold that in the palm of your hand? That is what we in the business call an entire lifetime of entertainment. You could literally never work through every game offered on this emulator front to back. You can try & heavens know that many people have given it their best attempt. To my knowledge it is impossible but it sounds like so much fun doesn’t it?

One of my favorites was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would spend my allowance there every week for months & month in an attempt to further the point I could make it in the game. I never even made it very far into the game. I would only make it 3 or 4 levels before all of my money was gone every single time. I could have saved hundreds of dollars in my life by staying at home & playing the same games, if I had the technology of today, back when I was a kid. Many children have spent their childhood in the arcade. They have gone to socialize & to meet new people. They go to play their favorite video games & to beat the high score. This technology has the ability to change the world. Nobody knows if that will be a good thing or not but it definitely changes some things that we are used to seeing.

This stuff is amazing & you should check it out soon.

** Update **
It has been years since the original post. I was just taking in some of the most awesome changes and updates that have occurred since that time. It almost seems like a life time ago when I think about how far we have come since then. If you are still sitting on the sidelines after all this time, I implore you to get in the action. There has never been a better time to join the fun. It does not take much to get started and we are happy to help as many people as we can get to. If it’s not us then go else where but do something about it today! You can’t say we did nothing to warn you…