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Instead please act like a social security disability lawyer when I tell you I’m hurting. I know for a fact that if you are injured enough that you seek social security disability benefits, it is to your benefit to go online and find a social security disability lawyer who can assist you in an appeal hearing, if your initial application was rejected and your “Reconsideration” appeal was also turned down. My father did exactly that when he decided to plow ahead with the appeal process. He had a legitimate case. He was represented by a social security disability lawyer, who met all the required deadlines, supplied all updated records, as well as got written supporting statements from my father’s healthcare providers that needed to be presented at the time of his hearing. Meanwhile my father slowly recovered, going to rehab, and didn’t have to deal with the stress and anxiety of getting everything together on his own. My father’s social security disability attorney was his guide, making the whole social security disability process much simpler for him. And once his claim was accepted, he made sure my father received the proper payment from the Social Security Administration. It didn’t cost my father anything to hire a disability attorney, but the lawyer’s fee was paid out of the disability award he eventually received. I think it was about 25% of the total, up to a certain cap. Anyway it was well worth it. So don’t complain, treat me with respect and fairness. And as a bit of free advice, it you are seriously injured and decide to apply for social security disability benefits, do some research and decide if having a lawyer on your side is worth it. My dad certainly felt it was!

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