Well, since the Dreamcast is now officially dead, I don’t mind emulators OF the dreamcast.
But, this page is mostly concerned with emulators FOR the dreamcast.
What could be better than playing Genesis, SMS, NES, SNES, etc… on your big screen TV through your Dreamcast?

Also, please don’t bother me with questions regarding these emulators/How to burn the CDs/Why you 
can’t get it to work/Where to get ROMs/Why the emulators are slow or not working/Boot CDs.  There are
 plenty of message boards and other places to ask.  I really don’t have enough experience or time 
to help you out with your questions.  You are being warned right now, it may not be easy to get an emulator 
working on your Dreamcast.  But it is worth it if you can.  The quality of emulation has improved 
greatly the few years that it has been around on the Dreamcast, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get it working. If you do have trouble, best of luck. Scour the internet I’m sure you’ll find the right answers if you look hard enough.

I’ve been waiting for my equipment – computer and screen – to arrive at my new digs. The Baltimore movers I hired are just shipping across town so I expect mu stuff to arrive any minute. Until then I can use my laptop to discuss some Dreamcast thoughts that you may be interested in learning, especially concerning the awesome Highjack. Takes a while to get over the learning curve and into the fun, but totally worth every second.

Of the Dreamcast games that I cannot help you find, there is one that I love playing. ALthough I love playing this game I totally can not remember what it is called. So don’t send me emails asking, I won’t be able to answer. It’s a first person action game but like DDO it’s a world unto it’s own. You choose your character, outfit them with powers and strengths. It’s fun picking a Panada bear avatar and mixing it with clothing your grammother might wear and then going to battle. Or even Cougars in dreamy princess dresses – that one might have double meaning to many. Thing is that both princes and princesses appear often in these games and if you want to be one, you’ve got to dress the role! And what good is a princess if all she can wear is a suit of armor? The mix and match of avatar and combat outfit can turn out to be really hilarious.

Note:  You will not find Dreamcast games/ISOs here, nor will I give you links to any, because I don’t know any. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

Sega Dreamcast Emulation Sites
My personal favorite site.  It has the latest news, emulator links, downloads, tutorials, development, links…  Go here first before looking elsewhere. I haven’t updated in a while so this may be out of date as well. Just letting you know.

Other Dreamcast Sites

The company that brought us the Dreamcast

Dreamcast Programming
•    Has a good list of links
Good collection of technical info about the Dreamcast.

Many good daily articles on what’s new with the Dreamcast.

Linkworld – Dreamcast
Plenty of good Dreamcast Links

Munkie’s Dreamcast Copyin’ Info Site
Get your Boot CD, and other hard to find stuff here

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