Getting Started III

The ROMS(Games)
1. Enough already, are you ready to download the games? This is where the difficult part starts. There are no two ways about it, ROMs are illegal to distribute. So I don’t offer ROMs for download on my web site. I never will so don’t ask me to. I might offer other goodies from time to time. But in the dark of the night as you search through the ever expanding world wide web searching for those illegal ROMs, I suggest you keep warm with fleece, either with a fleece jacket thrown over your shoulders or a fleece hat pulled down low over your face, or maybe just a soft fleece blanket tucked around your legs to keep your toe’s toasty. I just happen to live in a drafty house, so I am very familiar with the benefits of fleece! I also have found that installing automatic doggie doors will make it less of a hassle for you to let your dog outside to do its business and maybe stretch, run, and play. I really like that the electronic doggie doors are collar activated using RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologies. If you live out in the country like I do they are great for keeping unwanted animals such as skunks, racoons, feral cats, as well as our neighbor’s dogs and cats out of the house. The elcetronic dog door is such a time saver for me. Every time our dogs whimper that they need to go outside, all I do is point my finger and say “OUT” and I can turn back to my writing and not have to get up and open the door. Well, sorry for that digression.

2. So what should you do? There are quite a few people who will put ROMs on their website for you to download, maybe this is because they are under 21, or because they aren’t afraid of being caught. I can’t tell you exactly where to find these working sites, containing the game that you want. This will take effort on your part. You can try search engines, “Top Sites”, FTP, IRC channels, Newsgroups, etc… I even try to post links to ROM sites on my own site. Just look around. It is even possible to ask someone who has a lot of ROMs to sell or trade you a CD, so you don’t have to waste your time. It may be worth it to ask.

3. Don’t become a ROM beggar. This is one reason why many people who have been in emulation for a long time don’t like newbies. Don’t ask anyone to send you a ROM unless they say it is ok (and it’s not ok with me). People who are new to emulation may not know any better, but now you do, so don’t make that mistake please, you may regret it. And absolutely, DO NOT ask the author of the emulator to send you a ROM. Many emulators have been cancelled because of people begging the emulator authors for ROMs (Don’t complain about the emulator either).

Getting Help
1. So you’ve downloaded your ROMs, emulator, and you think you have installed all of the necessary files. But the emulator just isn’t working, & you’d like to kick your monitor, right? What do you do next?

2. RTFM! Which, basically says to read the help file that comes with the emulator. Almost every emulator comes with a file called readme.txt that will answer every question, and solve any problem you might have. Just like you, I hate to look at that file. Do it anyway!

3. Try a message board. Many websites have a message board where you may ask your questions. Many of the emulator authors actually have web sites where you may post questions on a message board. You can also try my emulation club on yahoo as well.

4. As a last resort, try my emulation FAQ or try IRC or newsgroups but beware, don’t act like a jerk on IRC or newsgroups. They have proper etiquette that you must obey, or you will be kicked out and won’t get a second chance. And if you want to ask me a question, beware that I really don’t try any of the new emulators, and most systems I only try out once, so I don’t know the answer to a lot of questions.