Getting Started II

Required Software

1. The first thing your going to need is a file decompression program. If you are so new to computers that you don’t know what I am talking about then you should know that most files that you download are compressed to save space and reduce transfer time. Download WinZip. This program will decompress the files that end in .ZIP. There are other compression formats too, but this is the one that is used 99% of the time.

2. Save a lot of time by downloading all 3 of the essential files below.
Unzip them and put them in C:\Windows\ directory.
Then download and install Direct X from Microsoft.
 You might need a BIOS image for the system that you want to emulate. These can be just as hard to find as any other ROM image you might need. Please do not ask me to help you find any BIOS image, or a ROM image, because I don’t know where to find them any more than you do.

3. There are a few other files you might need. Try looking on the main page near the bottom left.

Hardware Requirements

1. In the past, emulation was buggy & slow. You really needed a decent machine to run an emulator full speed. Now days there are emulators that have been optimized for speed, written in assembly, and are near to perfect. You can get away with running an emulator on a 486 if you need to. Many emulators for systems such as NES will run full speed on a Pentium 166, or something even slower. If you are planning on running an emulator for N64, NEO GEO, or a system like that, you should plan on using a computer with at least a 400 MHz processor, 32 MB of RAM, & a decent video card. The better your computer is, the better the emulator is going to run.

The Emulator

1. Ok, now you are finally ready to download the emulator. Which one should you get? Everyone has their favorite but my favorite NES emulator is Nesticle. People claim that there are better emulators but I will don’t use them. Nesticle works fine for me. Below I will list my favorite emulators, but you should go onto a site such as to read the reviews and opinions. You can also try out the different emulators until you find the one you like on these sites. You can find links & downloads to them on my page. If you don’t see the system that you want below then try They now have 500 staff members over there, so they have lots of time to waste by uploading files for all of the systems.
2. Nintendo 8-bit
3. Nesticle
4. Super Nintendo
6. Nintendo Game Boy
7. VGB
8. Sega Master System
9. Meka
10. Sega Genesis
11. KGEN or Genecyst
12. Sega Game Gear
13. Meka
14. Arcade Games
15. MAME
16. Neo Geo
17. NeoMAME
18. N64
19. UltraHLE
20. TG-16
21. Magic Engine
22. Playstation
23. Bleem
24. Atari 2600
25. Stella